[RCD] Code modification for a personal implementation or a Plugin?

Philip Rhoades phil at pricom.com.au
Fri Mar 9 09:41:02 CET 2018


On 2018-03-09 19:29, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> People,
> Years ago I posted on a suggested improvement list somewhere to have
> an option to only list folders with unread messages (I have hundreds
> of folders and it that option would greatly reduce the necessary
> scrolling) but it never got implemented - I guess because it never
> became a priority for scarce development resources.  While I would
> still like that previously suggested upgrade, I have another upgrade
> which might be more amenable to me having a shot it doing the work
> myself.  I think it is probably a minor tweak so I could just apply it
> to new, major versions of the code as they are released.  However, if
> what I wanted to do could be done as a Plugin, I would be interested
> in trying that route as well.
> What I would like is, since there is already the facility to highlight
> newly arrived mails in blue

That should be: "since there is already the facility to highlight 
FOLDERS with newly arrived emails in blue".

> - to modify this facility a little so that
> ANY mails that are less than 24 hours old are highlighted in blue.
> This would be useful for when I have had to exit out of RCM and reload
> it for some reason - currently all the blue highlighted mails lose the
> highlight on re-opening RCM.
> If someone could point me to the place in the code where I could do
> this myself or how suggest I could do this as a plugin, I would
> greatly appreciate it!
> Regards,
> Phil.

Philip Rhoades

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