[RCD] Folder List Refresh

Tim Evers te-ml-ext at artfiles.de
Mon Sep 10 23:28:13 CEST 2018

Hi List,

I recently came across an issue with the way RC handles the folder 
(mailbox) list. It only draws it when the page itself is loaded. And 
while the list gets updated for changed number of unread mails / trash 
stuff, it never gets reloaded as a whole inbetween.

I would consider this an issue in case two clients (even two RCs) 
operate on the same mailbox, which is quite common for our users. In 
this case new folders created in another client do not show up in RC 
until the whole page is reloaded by selecting a task that reloads the 
UI. Right now it's even necessary to invalidate the cache if active. 
(But that should be an easy fix.)

I would like to see the folder list being refreshed whenever the list of 
mails itself is refreshed. Since getting the folder list from the server 
is not expensive and as far as I could see trivially patched into the 
refresh handling in RC, it comes down to changing the mailbox list 
display from HTML fragment to JSON/Javascript command.

As far as I saw nobody is or was working on this, so I would like to do 
it myself.

But bevor I start working on it I would appreciate any input on this idea.



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