[RCD] Roundcube should include CalDAV / CardDav client in its core functionality

André Rodier andre at rodier.me
Wed Sep 26 12:47:13 CEST 2018

Hello all,

I know there are many calendar and contact plugins for Roundcube, some 
of them offering CalDAV and CardDAV client or server functionalities.

However, they not stable, not integrate well with mail functionalities 
or with the interface. Lets say presenting options to accept or refuse 
an invitation sent by email. I don't even mention support for the 
advanced features that some CalDAV and CardDAV servers are providing, 
for instance the excellent Davical.

Moreover, some of them are coming with their own CalDAV or CardDav 
server, which I think is non-sense. Roundcube is a webmail client. It 
does do only one thing, but does it well. It does not come with a mail 
server feature...

Is there any planning to add a nice and well integrated calendar feature 
on Roundcube? What about adding a CardDAV client for the address book as 
well. Using the LDAP address book in Roundcube is already great, it 
would be nice to have CardDAV integrated as well.

Thanks to consider this! I have plenty of users who are concerned with 
Google Mail lack of privacy, and don't even like its web interface.

Kind regards,


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