[RCD] How to create a new letter by url?

Vladimir Gorpenko vgo at stels.ru
Tue Jun 11 11:44:53 CEST 2019

1. If there is a parameter with a name that is not in the list of those 
you named (from, to, ...), will the process of creating a letter begin?
Will this parameter be available to the plugin by message_compose?

2. Can I force HTML mode on?

Best regards,
    Vladimir Gorpenko

A.L.E.C писал 2019-06-11 12:32:
> On 6/11/19 11:23 AM, Vladimir Gorpenko wrote:
>> Is there a hook that would allow me to intercept the processing of 
>> this call and replace,
>> for example, the value of body with the text calculated from this 
>> value?
>> If there is no such hook, please give me an approximate location in 
>> the source code where
>> I could add this hook.
> You can use message_compose hook.
> https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail/blob/master/program/steps/mail/compose.inc#L350

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