[RCD] 'preferences' column initialization in user_create

Jacques Belin jbelin at oryva.net
Mon Oct 12 15:34:22 CEST 2020


I am fresh new on this list, and it seems that its archives are not
available. So, excuse me if this topic has alreadey been discussed.

I am working on an update of the squirrelmail_usercopy plugin,
to permit the transfer of address groups and the equivalent of the
roundcube's "message_highlight" plugin when creating à new user on
roundcube with data taken from a current squirrelmail account.
Many of our squirrelmail users use these features.

If the addition of address groups has been done updating only the
original plugin's code, I had to make some change in the "create"
function in the program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_user.php file to permit the
import of the message highlight preferences.

This change is simply the addition of the field 'preferences' for the
call of the "user_create" hook, and the storage of the returned value in the
"preferences" column of the "users"  table of the database.

See the diff of the file below (for roundcube 1.4.8) :
--- rcube_user.php.orig 2020-08-10 21:05:20.000000000 +0200
+++ rcube_user.php      2020-10-12 15:27:40.574055096 +0200
@@ -621,6 +621,7 @@
             'user_email' => $user_email,
             'email_list' => $email_list,
             'language'   =>  $_SESSION['language'],
+            'preferences'   =>  serialize(array()),

         // plugin aborted this operation
@@ -630,11 +631,12 @@

         $insert = $dbh->query(
             "INSERT INTO ".$dbh->table_name('users', true).
-            " (`created`, `last_login`, `username`, `mail_host`, `language`)".
-            " VALUES (".$dbh->now().", ".$dbh->now().", ?, ?, ?)",
+            " (`created`, `last_login`, `username`, `mail_host`, `language`, `preferences`)".
+            " VALUES (".$dbh->now().", ".$dbh->now().", ?, ?, ?, ?)",
-            $data['language']);
+            $data['language'],
+            $data['preferences']);

         if ($dbh->affected_rows($insert) && ($user_id = $dbh->insert_id('users'))) {
             // create rcube_user instance to make plugin hooks work
@@ -643,6 +645,7 @@
                 'username'  => $data['user'],
                 'mail_host' => $data['host'],
                 'language'  => $data['language'],
+                'preferences'  => $data['preferences'],
             $rcube->user = $user_instance;
             $mail_domain = $rcube->config->mail_domain($data['host']);

The change has to be made because if the user_create hook permits to
populate all columns of the "users" table, the "preferences" column is
not treated by the hook, while the "messages highlight" plugin stores its 
preferences there. 

Adding the change as I suggest could be seen only as a measure of
consistency about the initialization of the "users" table. 
When I searched in the code to understand why my updated plugin didn't
work, I was surprised to see that the "preferences" field was simply not

And even beyond the squirrelmail_usercopy plugin, I think this change
could help others user-creation related plugins.

So, do you think it would be considered to add this change in roundcube ?

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