[Svn] forums

till klimpong at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 14:46:55 CEST 2008

Hey guys,

I am so annoyed with the forums today. They are there and no one
helps, there are just people complaining that "x" doesn't work. Of
course there is 0 useful information provided, and of course lots of
those type of problems. I made a sticky post in the 0.1-stable forum
to illustrate what we need so people receive help, so we are able to
address the problem, but I am not sure if it helps. What do we do with
the forums in the future?

My problem is, I don't have time to monitor all, and I guess most of
you agree. I don't want to say, "YOU HAVE TO GO ON THERE TOO", because
that is just not right. I personally find email, trac and IRC enough,
but some people need/want forums. But if the forums are deserted and
people receive no help, then this makes us look bad. For all I care,
I'd like to have the trac only and ditch the forums. Or at least make
people aware that they will have to go somewhere else to report bugs.
We have to figure out a way how we are gonna feed them into the rest
of our "support infrastructure".

I am sorry to write this email, and yes, I am really annoyed. And
while I appreciate that people set up those forums, those people need
to take responsibility too and a) integrate them with the rest and b)
provide help on there. I don't feel like having this forum like that
because it just makes us look super bad.

So what do you guys think? How do we integrate trac/forums so people
can report issues and we have means to address them?

This also brings me back to Trac (@Adam any progress???).


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