[Svn] quota <> delete problem

richs at whidbey.net richs at whidbey.net
Tue May 6 17:45:05 CEST 2008

Great idea!  We worked around this by ignoring Trash in our IMAP server 
(Dovecot), but for those who can't, deleting messages right away seems 
like the only alternative for full mailboxes.


till wrote:
 > Hey,
 > some people noticed a "bug" when a user account's quota is full, they
 > are not able to delete any messages anymore.
 > Reason is that iil_C_Move only marks a message as deleted when it has
 > been moved to the Trash folder. At least that is how we tracked it
 > down. I'd like some input from you guys on this. I opened a ticket and
 > attached two patches to introduce a configuration option and so on.
 > http://trac.roundcube.net/ticket/1485045
 > Not really a RoundCube issue, but we could offer a way to solve it. On
 > many installations Trash doesn't count "towards" the quota, hence
 > people don't have this problem. But some IMAP servers are
 > obviously/unfortunately not capable of that.
 > This is also different from "delete_right_away". "delete_right_away"
 > says that we delete email without copying it to Trash, but I
 > personally find this a bad idea. This is not how IMAP is supposed to
 > work. My patch would add something for a "just in case" scenario. BTW,
 > I also couldn't figure out how "delete_right_away" is supposed to
 > work. It's only mentioned in the config file, but maybe I oversaw it (
 > - an fgrep -r "delete_right_away" * didn't bring anything up).
 > What do you guys think? If you don't want this in the official
 > RoundCube source, no issues with me. I think it's a problem that the
 > server needs to solve, but ... ;-)
 > Till
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