[Svn] hackathon

nikon at puffy.pl nikon at puffy.pl
Fri May 23 17:43:20 CEST 2008

> > Tomasz had the idea for a hackathon. Ideally, we'd all work together
> > on RoundCube code on a fixed date. Which doesn't mean that we don't
> > work on it otherwise, but the hackathon would imply that we are all
> > online (irc, skype, etc.) and hack away on new features.
> > 
> > Tasks for this hackathon would be the imap backend and the jQuery
> > implementation.

maybe, if it would be possible, we could all come to one place, and talk/hack stuff, it would be better but i'm not sure if all people could afford it, what do You think?


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