[Svn] r1455

Robin Elfrink elfrink at introweb.nl
Fri May 30 14:59:48 CEST 2008

Robin Elfrink wrote:

> The way I read it is that double quote, single quote, AND the delimiter
> should be escaped.

Scratch that. It's escaped because it's the escape character :)

Interestingly, my primary server, running Dovecot, using '.' as
delimiter, allows Thunderbird to create a folder 'test.test', resulting
in a 'hidden' parent 'test' containing folder 'test'.

My brand new server, running dbmail, using '/' as delimiter, does the
same when creating 'test/test'.

But both give a warning when renaming a random folder to

"The / character is reserved on this imap server."

I'd vote for simply not allowing the delimiter to be used when
creating/renaming a folder. Creating a 'hidden' folder like Thunderbird
does, but giving an error on renaming, seems confusing to me.


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