[Svn] Plugin API development

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 21:58:49 CET 2009

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 20:26, Ziba Scott <ziba at umich.edu> wrote:
> We've finished a number of plugins and are focused on preparing our
> local branch for production.  We are ready to start committing some
> plugins.  Are there guidelines to govern what plugins will be
> distributed with RoundCube?  Some of our plugins are generally useful,
> but some may only be useful to a particular type of installation.

We planned to create a plugin repository where people can submit their
plugins and make them publicly available. It's up to you whether you
will publish your plugins there. You can commit some to the devel-api
branch but they'll not be merged into the trunk.
> Here's some quick details about the plugins that are most ready to go:
> subscriptions_option:
>    Creates a new user configurable preference for using imap
> subscriptions or not

Could be core function. Also we should add some functions where a
plugin can define user options it requires. Those will then be added
automatically to the prefs page. I think wordpress has something
> database_attachments:
>    A database backend for attachments which makes round robin DNS work

Could also be core functionality. I'm thinking of an abstraction layer
that serves for file storage. Specific classes could be implemented.
Should also be faster than moving files back and forth through plugin
> filesystem_attachments:
>    A pluginized version of the traditional attachment handler

I don't completely understand this feature. Is this for attachments
from incoming mails or for message composition?
> additional_message_headers:
>    Allows the global configuration of extra headers in outgoing mail.

Sounds interesting. Maybe this could also replace the hard-coded
http-received headers.
> non_domain_identity_notification:
>    Notify admins of a possible spammer-created identity
> runlog_logger:
>    Enhanced server side debugging logging which includes speed profiling
> new_user_lookup:
>    Populate the default identity from ldap on first visit
> Plugins in the works, or currently requiring bizarre javascript contortions:
> cosign_authentication:
>    single signon using cosign (weblogin.org)
> search_ui:
>    A popup interface with checkboxes for search fields and the ability
> to search all folders

Could also become core functionality but I think it's a good example
to test the plugin API.
> page_jump:
>    A configurable widget for quickly navigating to specific pages in a
> mailbox
> forward_full_headers:
>    When viewing full headers in a message, clicking forward will
> prepend those headers to the outgoing message
> info_pane:
>    Adds a hook for other plugins to control what is displayed in the
> preview pane when no message is selected
> We'll start making commits and please let us know if we can make
> improvements.

Yeah, just go on and we'll have an eye on your commits :-)

Many thanks!


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