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A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Wed Mar 11 08:22:45 CET 2009

Thomas Bruederli wrote:

> OK, The RECENT count returned from a SELECT only shows messages which
> have never been included in a FETCH.
> For instance, when Thunderbird selects a folder, it grabs the message
> list with a: UID fetch 1:* (FLAGS). This clears the RECENT count, even
> when there are still unread messages missing the \Seen flag.
> That means any client relying on RECENT to check the unread message
> count will not see new unread messages if they have been included in a
> fetch list to another client already.
> A SEARCH for \Seen flags might be more "expensive", but I believe it's
> the only way to get an accurate picture of the unread message count. I
> would think Thunderbird would be using the RECENT trick if it were 
> accurate.
> Rich

OK, I know that. This is already in trac and because it's only solution, 
let be it.
I agree for that only because check_recent is called "in background", 
but we should remember it can be a serious problem for highly loaded 
servers. On my mailbox check_recent tooks ca.8 seconds now.

BTW, there's RECENT check for current mailbox in check_recent action and 
"concurent clients" issue still exists.

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