Customising RoundCubeMail

Alexis Domjan adomjan at
Sun Aug 6 12:35:25 CEST 2006


I'm using roundcubemail for a while and up to now it is really one of
the best I ever installed. 

We're a ISP company in switzerland offering one of the first green
hosting and email and I was looking for a Webmail for our customer.
After a lot of tests with IMP, Neomail, etc. I finally found RC and just
adopted it :-)

Now, I would need some customisation in the webmail (more than changing
the skin). I would need mainly two things:

   - a part where users can send SMS (quota and configuration is managed
     in a postgresql database). This part could include a place where
     the user can change his cellphone number. An idea would also be
     that the contact list would include the gsm number, then a user
     could send an sms using the list of his contacts.

   - a part where users can change their pop3/imap password and
     de/activate a vacation (also managed in a postgresql database)

Of course this is very specific, but I wanted to know if it could have
some interests for other RC users before I try to implement that. And if
RC developers are interested it would also be better, as I don't know RC
code at all :-)

I'm looking forward for interests :-)

Kind regards,
Alexis Domjan <adomjan at>

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