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Thu Aug 17 12:08:40 CEST 2006

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Hi list,

I totally love roundcube and was amazed how stable and usable it already
was in such an early development state. Beta1 was the first version I

Today I wanted to upgrade to beta2 but went back to beta1 because of this:
When I login I see the mail in my Inbox, but when I click on another
folder I don't see any mail and even when I go to the Inbox again I
don't see my mail anymore. I have to click on the "mail" symbol to see
my mail again.

Another issue I experienced was that the search box was somewhat behind
the roundcube logo what rendered it more or less unusable, but that
wouldn't have prevented me from using beta2.

I upgraded my installation in two ways: 1) following the instructions
from the UPGRADING and 2) replacing the whole roundcube folder with
beta2 and editing the config files again. The issues occurred either
way. The only thing I didn't touch was the database, but the database
structure didn't change from beta1 to beta2, did it?

I just wanted to let you know about this. If you need more information
for fixing this or whatever, please let me know.

So far I will stick to beta1 and hope that the next release will be less


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