forward as attach, auto show new folders and more

Daniel Mota Leite (Higuita) higuita at
Thu Aug 31 01:57:45 CEST 2006

Hi all

	i install roundcube to work as a quarantine interface for our
global virus and spam folders, but i have some specific problems about

- i need to forward the emails as attach for the bayes filter, forward 
inline doesnt work as its needed...
Is there way to change the forward behavior (one option, patch, other
solution) or does require a big rewrite? 

note that i dont need to write anything to the forward message, other
than the TO:, so a hack like "echo | mutt -a $email_file $to" could be

-i archive the last day quarantine to a folder date, but roundcube
requires me to every day add that new folder, is any option to tell
roundcube to auto select all available folders everytime?

-i also need to "release" some spam from that quarantine, so i would
need to forward the email with the "email from" to the "email to"...
the sendmail command would be something like this:

sendmail -f $from $to < $email_file

probably with the forward as attach, this could probably be hacked

i would do that, but i have limited php knowledge and dont know where
to change all this... at least i was able to put the search box
searching for TO, CC, Subject, From, but that was too easy 8)

finally, i'm having problems using imaps, using plain imap all works fine,
but with imaps i always get wrong authentication (the imap server is 
working fine, i can connect with a email client with via plain imap and 
via ssl)

thanks in advance for any help

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