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A bit more information, if you could: for example, IMAP and SMTP servers
being used, how the client authenticates in the IMAP protocol etc.


On 13/08/06, Vincent Bell <vince at> wrote:
> Hello I am having an issue here,
> I have a server with several different users and domains. (ie,,
>, all my mail boxes are on the same server.
> When someone from any of the domains regardless of their alias login
> they get the alias as what there sending from and its not
> reading their IMAP account information from the server? Any suggestions.
> Details:
> mbox: - adsupport
> alias - support at
> when they login, they get --> adsupport at
> when they recive they get support at
> when they send they get adsupport at
> why is that happening, why is that when the user logins in, its creating
> their own alias and not reading the imap server?

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