[RoundCube Users] sqlite support - WORKING with PHP4

Josh dreamer3 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 03:57:10 CET 2006


This is the info that I needed an hour ago, and I couldn't find, so
I'm posting for the list's betterment.

I'm running Debian Sarge, php4 and php4-sqlite (latest from apt)...
I'm also using lighttpd, but that's really irrelevant to the equation,
but it's a great little webserver.

I was having difficulty getting things working with sqlite... one
roadblock after another... I read about a fix/patch or two on the
mailing list and finally get decided to just fetch the app from CVS
and see if things were any better there.

I also had to change:

1. in the include database file (one of them) I changed sqlite_exec to
sqlite_query... as cubemail doesn't do anything with the return value,
this should work just fine.  PHP5 should have the function _exec, but
php4 does not.

2. Add "changed" to the "contacts" table... the code requires this,
but it's not in the SQL dumps in the SQL folder yet...

Otherwise I pretty much followed the instructions for sqlite.  But I
do want to report it is working just GREAT on PHP4/SQLite2...   Why do
I see over and over SQLite only works with PHP5? Does the author just
not want to support that or what?

Sorry the instructions aren't more explicit... I'm writing this after
the fact just to point the next person in the right direction and say
YES, it is possible... I had much better luck after I called the
database "sqlite2.db" instead of "sqlite.db", but that has got to be
just co-incidence... but mentioning it anyways.


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