[RoundCube Users] An install problem

Wanat, David A [FPM] dwanat at iastate.edu
Thu Jan 12 15:51:04 CET 2006

 I'm having the same problem.  

I've tested my MySQL with the following page  http://www.wanat.net/db.php
It connects to MySQL and returns a result.

To the guys whose name I can not type...
Once you get past that make sure you modify the <form action=" "> to <form action"index.php"> on the login page (and maybe all others) because IIS won't return it to that page unless you specify the action.

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Looks like the MySQL extension for PHP does not work correctly.
Do you have other PHP applications using MySQL (like phpMyAdmin) on your server?


杨道全 wrote:
> I try to install roundcube in windows, but I got an error below:
> *DB Error in F:\webmail\program\include\rcube_db.inc (63):* DB Error:
> extension not found
> *Fatal error*: Call to undefined method DB_Error::query() in
> *F:\webmail\program\include\rcube_db.inc* on line *124*
> **
> **
> My environment:
> windows 2003
> IIS 6.0
> php-5.1.1
> pear-1.4.5
> DB-1[1].7.6
> MySQL 5.0.13
> php.ini
> include_path=".;C:\php5\pear;c:\php5\includes"
> extension_dir = "C:\php5\ext"
> extension=php_mysql.dll
> db.inc.php
> $rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] =
> 'mysql://roundcube:roundcube@localhost/roundcube';
> $rcmail_config['db_dsnr'] = '';
> I search all archives in lists.roundcube.net, but I coudn't find a 
> helpful answer.
> Thanks to anyone response to the subject. 

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