[RoundCube Users] Auto create email account

crow crow at linux.org.ba
Wed Jan 25 17:23:22 CET 2006

Hello Lasar,
I know that roundcubemail is not able and "will" not be able to create
mail, that is why i ask is there any script that can do this :).
What are recomendation for roundcubemail webmail "imap server, send
mail server and so"...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006, 11:10:40 AM, you wrote:
> No, this is not planned for Roundcube as far as I know. If at all,  
> this ight be possible through a plugin at some point. One thing is  
> that Roundcube is only meant to be a webmail client and nothing more,
> the other thing is that every mail system has different means for  
> creating accounts, and as such there is no easy way to implent this.

> Greetings,

> _Lasar

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