[RoundCube Users] Auto create email account

Jason Stelzer cynic at elitistbastard.com
Wed Jan 25 21:22:55 CET 2006

crow wrote:

>Hello Jason,
>Thnx i am lookin at the cyrus imap project... Is this imap server
>recomended for use of roundcubemail or...
>I at shared hosting, so i acutaly cant do anything, but wonna offer my
>user free webmail and autosign in...

In theory, roundcube should work with any imap server. As for the rest,
I'm really not familiar with your situation and wasn't trying to say
that it was a drop in solution. However, in the past I've had good
success creating sealed systems with cyrus, ldap and sendmail. This
wasn't without a significant amount of effort however.....

Roundcube doesn't claim to be a drop in, turn key solution. Its just an
imap client. You should probably contact your hosting provider and see
what they support/recommend.


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