[RoundCube Users] New User - A couple of questions

Joshua Nichols jnichols at stimson.org
Mon Jan 30 19:08:07 CET 2006

Jeff Davis wrote:
> 1) Can the initial login page be ssl-encrypted, and if so what
> approach would you recommend? 

This is best controlled by the webserver.  Just make sure that the user
is accessing the site via https.

> 3) I know my users are going to ask me this - has anyone done a
> wysiwig editor in roundcube for mail composition?

A prerequisite is that it would understand how to create html or
mime/multipart alternative messages, which I believe it does not.  Once
it knows how to treat those message types, then building in you favorite
WYSIWYG editor shouldn't be too rough.  

To anyone currently working on this development, I would suggest leaving
it user configurable.  Individual sites may have compelling reasons to
use one editor over another, and coding with that modularity in mind
could be very helpful.


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