[RoundCube Users] New User - A couple of questions

Jeff Davis pyperdown at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 17:46:29 CET 2006

Anyone know of a good php editor that might be a candidate for this? 
I'm a complete n00b to php, so idiot-proof would be a good thing, or
at least as much so as possible.

On 1/30/06, Joshua Nichols <jnichols at stimson.org> wrote:
> Jeff Davis wrote:
> > 1) Can the initial login page be ssl-encrypted, and if so what
> > approach would you recommend?
> This is best controlled by the webserver.  Just make sure that the user
> is accessing the site via https.
> > 3) I know my users are going to ask me this - has anyone done a
> > wysiwig editor in roundcube for mail composition?
> A prerequisite is that it would understand how to create html or
> mime/multipart alternative messages, which I believe it does not.  Once
> it knows how to treat those message types, then building in you favorite
> WYSIWYG editor shouldn't be too rough.
> To anyone currently working on this development, I would suggest leaving
> it user configurable.  Individual sites may have compelling reasons to
> use one editor over another, and coding with that modularity in mind
> could be very helpful.
> --joshua.

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