[RoundCube Users] How to enable russian?

Tomas Šiaulys tomas.siaulys at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 12:46:28 CET 2006

Download the latest CVS version and it should work fine. You can find
instructions how to install CVS version here:

On 17/01/06, Aux <aux at liqu.id.lv> wrote:
> Hello! I've just installed RoundCube Webmail
> (roundcube_webmail_0.1-20051021.tar.gz) and have a problem with
> displaying emails written in russian (windows-1251, koi-8r, utf-8).
> Russian text is garbled (converted to ÀÀ,
> åñññ!!! Õîòü). But,
> for example, latvian text with special characters is displayed as should
> be (chars converted to &#CHAR_CODE;). How to handle russian? Can anyone
> help me? Thanks in advance!


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