[RoundCube Users] Default Language

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 10:08:01 CET 2006

Hi everybody

These issues are known and there have been some major changes in the
localization functions of RoundCube. In the latest CVS version, the
default language is taken from the config file and then saved in the
user session. If a user changes his/her preferred language, this will be
applied right after the login.

These changes (together with the Bosnian translation) will be released soon.


Jason Stelzer wrote:
> On Jan 15, 2006, at 2:57 PM, crow wrote:
>> Answering to my own post, it sims something was wrong with my
>> languages files, so i start with German languages files and edit and
>> add Bosnian translation and all working fine.
>> Still user need to select Bosnian from Settings, but....
> If you really want to change it, you'll probably have to edit the
> roundcube/program/include/main.inc file.  I say probably because I'm
> using roundcubemail-0.1-20051021, not the latest from cvs. I just had a
> casual look and the language is hard coded to default to english at
> around line 79. If you change it, that should have the effect you're
> looking for in that by default users will get bosnian, but they can
> choose to configure an alternative language for themselves later.  This
> should really be moved to the configuration file so that its easier to
> do this sort of thing, and I'm fairly confident that it will be in the
> future. Hope this helps.
> -- 
> J.

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