[RoundCube Users] An install problem

Wanat, David A [FPM] dwanat at iastate.edu
Fri Jan 13 20:03:17 CET 2006

 OK, I've got mine going also, but php, or my connection string wasn't the problem.

I'm running Webmin, and created my database and db user for roundcube through it.  
>From the Webmin interface I granted all rights to the user, but it still wasn't connecting.  See error below.

So I ran the following SQL:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database.* TO user at localhost
        IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

That's found in the INSTALL file.

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Thanks to Thomas.The problem fixed.
I download the PHP mysql extensions from mysql.com,put libmysql.dll into ext,and then add "C:\php5\ext" to %path%.

To Wanat, David A:
It's unnecessary to modify the target of the form action.Just add "index.php" into the default content document of IIS.

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 I'm having the same problem.  

I've tested my MySQL with the following page  http://www.wanat.net/db.php It connects to MySQL and returns a result.

To the guys whose name I can not type...
Once you get past that make sure you modify the <form action=" "> to <form action"index.php"> on the login page (and maybe all others) because IIS won't return it to that page unless you specify the action.

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Looks like the MySQL extension for PHP does not work correctly.
Do you have other PHP applications using MySQL (like phpMyAdmin) on your server?


杨道全 wrote:
> I try to install roundcube in windows, but I got an error below:
> *DB Error in F:\webmail\program\include\rcube_db.inc (63):* DB Error:
> extension not found
> *Fatal error*: Call to undefined method DB_Error::query() in
> *F:\webmail\program\include\rcube_db.inc* on line *124*
> **
> **
> My environment:
> windows 2003
> IIS 6.0
> php-5.1.1
> pear-1.4.5
> DB-1[1].7.6
> MySQL 5.0.13
> php.ini
> include_path=".;C:\php5\pear;c:\php5\includes"
> extension_dir = "C:\php5\ext"
> extension=php_mysql.dll
> db.inc.php
> $rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] =
> 'mysql://roundcube:roundcube@localhost/roundcube';
> $rcmail_config['db_dsnr'] = '';
> I search all archives in lists.roundcube.net, but I coudn't find a 
> helpful answer.
> Thanks to anyone response to the subject. 

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