[RoundCube Users] Feature Request

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 12:16:52 CET 2006

Sjon wrote:
> Check the roadmap: http://roundcube.net/?p=roadmap
> The functionality is already in CVS; but it only checks for recent
> messages, instead of all unread. Thomas, might it be an idea to change
> 'check-recent' in app.js:2758 to a 'get-unread' call? I have tried it
> already btw; but although the server returns the correct number of
> unread counts, the application doesn't parse it to the interface?

I chose to fetch recent messages because these are the ones that should
be added to the clients list dynamically. Of course the number of unread
messages will be passed to the client but this only happens if there are
 NEW (-> recent) messages available on the server.

To update the list dynamically with all messages (also read ones) that
are new to the folder is more complicated. This would require to find
out first, which messages are not yet listed on the client and then
insert them at the right position (according to the current sorting) in
the message table. This would be very cool but because lack of time I
decided to choose the easy way...

Just for debugging:
What does the server respond exactly on that request?
There should be a line like this.set_unread_count('INBOX', 5);
> Regards,
> Sjon


> bitchass wrote:
>> I was wondering if there are plans to make RoundCube check your email
>> without you having to cick the E-Mail button? It seems this would be
>> easy to do, and would be very nice to have.  Other than this minor
>> thing, RoundCube is amazing!  I am very pleased!  Keep up the great work!
>> Jeremy

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