[RoundCube Users] Roundcube Checks All Folders

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 08:52:31 CET 2006

Hi David

This is a known problem. Do you have caching enabled? This should read
the message count from the local cache and only fetch new counts for the
current folder.
In the current development version the message count is checked in a
background process that is started after the page loaded. This should
increase the loading performance.


david wrote:
> I really like the look and feel of Roundcube, but one thing bugs me a lot. Every time you do anything (open a message, open a folder, etc.), Roundcube opens *every* folder and checks for unread mail. I have 25 folders, some with over 5000 messages. It takes entirely too long to do this every time I want to read one message or check one folder. 
> Just for comparison, when I use IMP, it only checks a list of folders I tell it to for new mail. And it only does it when I log in and at a certain time interval set by me. 
> David

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