Single User mode.

Mark Gillespie email at
Sat Jul 1 21:09:08 CEST 2006

Hi, let me start by saying how good RoundCube is, it fits my needs exactly.

I have 1 small tweak, that I am wondering if it's possible.

I want my installation of RoundCube to skip the logon screen, and go  
straight to a single account inbox. This may sound likea strange request,  
but I'll explain.  I host RoundCube my for own personal use, on my own  
server, and I use apache's security to protect the server contents.  As it  
stands, I have to log onto the server using Apache's logon, then log on  
again to the webmail.  I wish to hardcode the last part of the process.

How can I acheieve this?


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