Can't delete mails

Arnaud CALVO arnaud at
Tue Jul 18 12:48:17 CEST 2006

Hi !
I'm new on this list and with the use of roundcube...
I just installed it yesterday : install OK, login OK, send OK, receive OK.
But I can't delete messages. I've read such a story in the archives, but
the bug has been closed because SVN version should have fixed it.
Problem : I installed yesterday THE freshly downloaded SVN version, and
the bug is here...

I have an idea : my host provides me a pop server, with an IMAP "layer"
for PHP. And my host doesn't provide the folders functionnality.
Could this be the problem ?
If there's no possibility to create the trash folder, the mails aren't
moved, and they stay in INBOX ?

Thanks for this piece of software, it'll be a killerapp for the
freesoftware movement !

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Arnaud ::::

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