Roundcube webmail and postfixadmin

Darren Pilgrim darren.pilgrim at
Tue Jul 4 21:40:59 CEST 2006

albert wrote:
> Hi
> Who's running roundcube webmail where is a postfixadmin?
> When I try to RC webmail I give login failed,
> I add structure mysql database on the RC to my virtual_post database , and 
> I configure and give password/database and still I can't loging
> Anynone configured postfixadmin and RoundCube webmail?

Yes, with courier-imap and courier-authlib-mysql.  Roundcube 
authenticates through the IMAP server, so either roundcube isn't 
correctly logging into the IMAP server or the IMAP server isn't 
correctly authenticating to your backend.  Try logging into your IMAP 
server directly with another client program, like Thunderbird.  If that 
doesn't work, then you need to fix the rest of the path before trying to 
"fix" Roundcube.

Darren Pilgrim

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