Roundcube webmail and postfixadmin

Albert Czarnecki aczarnecki at
Thu Jul 6 07:58:09 CEST 2006

Darren Pilgrim napisał(a):
> albert wrote:
>> Hi
>> Who's running roundcube webmail where is a postfixadmin?
>> When I try to RC webmail I give login failed,
>> I add structure mysql database on the RC to my virtual_post database 
>> , and I configure and give password/database and still I 
>> can't loging
>> Anynone configured postfixadmin and RoundCube webmail?
> Yes, with courier-imap and courier-authlib-mysql.  Roundcube 
> authenticates through the IMAP server, so either roundcube isn't 
> correctly logging into the IMAP server or the IMAP server isn't 
> correctly authenticating to your backend.  Try logging into your IMAP 
> server directly with another client program, like Thunderbird.  If 
> that doesn't work, then you need to fix the rest of the path before 
> trying to "fix" Roundcube.

I trying get my e-mail with  Thunderbird and I authenticates with IMAP 
server and it's working, I have too a webmail squirrelmail
and user can loging, but when I try loging with roundcoube there is a 
Question is what I do wrong?


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