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Nipun Jain jain.nipun at
Thu Jul 13 22:33:02 CEST 2006

So how do I set RoundCube to get to send correct headers (text/html). Also,
I need to disable / remove the warning given by RoundCube about empty mail
body when using tinyMCE

On 7/14/06, Bram Vogelaar <bram at> wrote:
>  Hello nipun
> Let me start with congratulating you with the tinMCE integration, which is
> a feature I am looking forward to integrating into my personal RC setup.
> Secondly I think there are two separate issues here
> -- RC isnt properly notified by Tiny Mce that an email body has been
> composed, when clearly the text is there , seeing your full text came in.
>     unfortunately I don't have a direct a solution for this but perhaps
> this will help you further
> -- The Html garbage is caused by incorrect headers I believe html
> formatted message require a header looking something like this
> Content-type: text/html;
>     charset="US-ASCII"
> Content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable
>  which should easily be integrated in either the Tiny Mce or a RC check
> before sending
> bram
> On 7/13/06 8:21 PM, "Nipun Jain" <jain.nipun at> wrote:
> I am using the latest SVN release of rouncube and wanted to add HTML
> editor facility fo composing mails.
> I integrated tinyMCE Rich Text Editor with Roundcube. It correctly shows
> the required toolbars in the compose text area. But the problem is that,
> when I compose a HTML message using tinyMCE, then on sending the mail,
> RoundCube asks if I want to send the message without any text whereas the
> text does exist in the message body.
> If I choose to ignore this message and send the mail anyway, then I do
> receive the email sent at the recipient's address, but in plain ASCII, that
> is with all the HTML source shown instead of a HTML message.
> Anybody having any idea as to how to resolve this?
> Regards,
> Nipun Jain.
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