Refresh issue on the 05 05 2006 CVS that's not a cache setting?

Brady J.Frey brady at
Thu Jun 1 20:09:15 CEST 2006

Good morning list,
I installed the 0505CVS a few days ago, so far to excellent reviews (especially the spellchecker)... however, clicking to individual folders does not show that folders contents -- including going BACK to the inbox, it shows as empty. I remember this in the alpha days as being a cache issue, as I assumed -- so I turned Cache to false in the file -- didn't help. I turned the cache life to 10 seconds, didn't help (though I figured irrelevant after I turned off the cache, figured it'd be worth a shot). I deleted all the mysql databases, and reinstalled it again and tried it, but still no viewing. 

Is this something that others are seeing? The beta doesn't seem to have this issue, so I can roll it back, but just inquiring. Thanks, any suggestions as to areas I'm missing is appreciated.

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