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Nipun Jain jain.nipun at
Tue Jun 13 19:59:06 CEST 2006

I am currently trying out Release 260 of the SVN. The problem is when a
newly created user logs into rc, only inbox is shown (in beta all three
folders got created by default). Now when a mail is sent, the Sent folder is
created but when I try to delete a mail, it gives an error. Only after
creating a folder manually am I able to delete any mail.

Is this behaviour normal? Shouldn't the Trash folder also get created when a
mail is to be deleted.
Now I am not much familiar with php but afaik, there must be some code that
is used in creating the folders that is used in the folders tab of the
settings. Where is that code in the rc files and can I use that code to auto
create these 3 folders for a new user ( I have a php script that creates a
new user, I can put this code there).

Nipun Jain.
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