How change Language?

Sergey Velikanov vgray at
Sun Jun 25 12:16:43 CEST 2006

I've installed roundcube also I've install russian language pack, but I can't change language to russian.

When in preferences I choose Russian and press "Save" button, all captions becomes in russian, but as fas as I leave Prefence page,
language changes to English.

mysql database store right language option

mysql> select username,language from users;
| username                        | language |
| sergey.velikanov at domain.loclal  | ru       |

also if I set in config $rcmail_config['locale_string'] = 'ru';
also works fine except that now I can't change to english :)

I' ve made some research, and in function rcmail_startup

I've found
  $_SESSION['user_lang'] = rcube_language_prop($CONFIG['locale_string']);

But I can't find place where language redefine with user settings.

Could you show me that place? or give some answer that can solve this problem?

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