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Nipun Jain jain.nipun at
Wed Jun 7 18:25:12 CEST 2006

I think you misunderstood me regarding auto populating the email field. I
dont want to know how to append the domain to the username so that the login
username passed to the IMAP server is in the form of username at
What I want to know is this.
When we create a new identity in roundcube, all the fields are blank,
including the email field. Some users put wrong info in the email field or
forget to put any email at all. So what I want to do is auto populate the
email field in the new identity page with the username(appended with @ of the user logged in roundcube. I am sure there must be some
variable that retrieves the username of the logged in user from the
database. Can you tell me how to do the same?

On 6/6/06, Thomas Bruederli <roundcube at> wrote:
> Nipun Jain wrote:
> > I am using the CVS of 5th may and have a couple of questions.
> >
> > When a new user account is created then when that user logs into his
> > inbox using the cvs version, only the inbox is subscribed, the sent and
> > the trash folder are not. This creates a problem when deleting messages
> > which gives an error and the message doesnt get deleted. However,
> > sending an email does creat the sent folder.
> > There is no such problem in the 0.1 beta. When a new account is created
> > and the user logs in to rc beta, all three folders are there.
> If you log into an IMAP account with RoundCube the first time, it only
> creates a user record in the local database but does not create any
> folders or subscribe to them. The folder list and subscription table
> stays as it was before the RC login. When sending or deleting a message,
> RC attempts to create the folders that are configured to be used for
> Trash and Sent. This behavior hasn't changed since 0.1 beta.
> >
> > Secondly, is there any way to auto populate the email field in the new
> > identity page of roundcube? I want to automatically field the email
> > field while creating a new identity with the username (i.e. the email
> > address) of the user logged in. Is it possible?
> There's a config parameter you could use for that:
> // This domain will be used to form e-mail addresses of new users
> // Specify an array with 'host' => 'domain' values to support
> // multiple hosts
> $rcmail_config['mail_domain'] = '';
> >
> > Hope someone comes up with a solution.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Nipun Jain.
> >
> > PS: I noticed that cvs for rc has been discontinued in favor of svn. But
> > how to download the latest svn? I could not find any tarball or any
> > other archive in the svn tree, only the individual files. So do I have
> > to download all the rc files individually from the svn?
> Regards,
> Thomas
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