Folders in CVS and New Identity

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu Jun 8 12:11:46 CEST 2006

David Black wrote:
> This is something we are experiencing too.  
> To deal with it, I manually run a search and replace script in MySQL to
> fix them.  
> I'd like to attempt to patch it but I'm not exactly sure where to look
> in the code... or I could just confess to being lazy ;-) .

Should be somewhere in program/steps/settings/ ind
function rcube_identity_form()

There you can set $IDENTITY_RECORD['email'] to whatever you want if
$IDENTITY_RECORD is not set (that means that a new identity will be

You can compose the e-mail address from $_SESSION['username'],
$_SESSION['imap_host'] and $CONFIG['mail_domain'] fields.

> On Jun 8, 2006, at 12:25 AM, Nipun Jain wrote:
>> I think you misunderstood me regarding auto populating the email
>> field. I dont want to know how to append the domain to the username so
>> that the login username passed to the IMAP server is in the form of
>> username at <mailto:username at>.
>> What I want to know is this.
>> When we create a new identity in roundcube, all the fields are blank,
>> including the email field. Some users put wrong info in the email
>> field or forget to put any email at all. So what I want to do is auto
>> populate the email field in the new identity page with the
>> username(appended with @ <>) of the user
>> logged in roundcube. I am sure there must be some variable that
>> retrieves the username of the logged in user from the database. Can
>> you tell me how to do the same?
>> Regards.
>> On 6/6/06, *Thomas Bruederli* <roundcube at
>> <mailto:roundcube at>> wrote:
>>     Nipun Jain wrote:
>>     > I am using the CVS of 5th may and have a couple of questions.
>>     >
>>     > When a new user account is created then when that user logs into
>>     his
>>     > inbox using the cvs version, only the inbox is subscribed, the
>>     sent and
>>     > the trash folder are not. This creates a problem when deleting
>>     messages
>>     > which gives an error and the message doesnt get deleted. However,
>>     > sending an email does creat the sent folder.
>>     > There is no such problem in the 0.1 beta. When a new account is
>>     created
>>     > and the user logs in to rc beta, all three folders are there.
>>     If you log into an IMAP account with RoundCube the first time, it
>>     only
>>     creates a user record in the local database but does not create any
>>     folders or subscribe to them. The folder list and subscription table
>>     stays as it was before the RC login. When sending or deleting a
>>     message,
>>     RC attempts to create the folders that are configured to be used for
>>     Trash and Sent. This behavior hasn't changed since 0.1 beta.
>>     >
>>     > Secondly, is there any way to auto populate the email field in
>>     the new
>>     > identity page of roundcube? I want to automatically field the email
>>     > field while creating a new identity with the username (i.e. the
>>     email
>>     > address) of the user logged in. Is it possible?
>>     There's a config parameter you could use for that:
>>     // This domain will be used to form e-mail addresses of new users
>>     // Specify an array with 'host' => 'domain' values to support
>>     // multiple hosts
>>     $rcmail_config['mail_domain'] = '';
>>     >
>>     > Hope someone comes up with a solution.
>>     >
>>     > Regards,
>>     > Nipun Jain.
>>     >
>>     > PS: I noticed that cvs for rc has been discontinued in favor of
>>     svn. But
>>     > how to download the latest svn? I could not find any tarball or any
>>     > other archive in the svn tree, only the individual files. So do
>>     I have
>>     > to download all the rc files individually from the svn?
>>     Regards,
>>     Thomas

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