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Wed Jun 14 02:00:42 CEST 2006

On 6/13/06, Brady J. Frey <brady at> wrote:
> >
> > the problem is i don't know where to start,  in my current squirrel on
> > debian, email users are system users, i was hoping this setup will work
> > with
> > roundcube in my freebsd box, but it doesn't, i've looked at the logs,
> but
> > i
> > can't see anything pertaining to dovecot or roundcube for that matter.
> >
> I've got it running on OS X server (it's like freebsd but we spend a lot
> of time trying to lock the GUI out from touching our files:) ), both tested
> right on the localhost and a separate server -- regardless, I still think
> you're confused on exactly what this can and can't do.
> This thing really is just like an application itself, pretty much what
> everyone is getting too. You can install it on whatever web host you have
> the mind too so long as you:
> 1) can install a database
> 2) can run a decent php setup
> You add the mysql tables into your database via the mysql.initial file
> supplied by the developer.
> Then you add the database values in the db config file, and put in your
> mail values in the main config file. That's it -- the main config file takes
> values like you would any application -- in/out server, server
> authentication method, domain, etc. You can set it up to read multiple
> domains if you'd like, but it's not going to matter so much unless your mail
> server reads those domains as mail domains.
> So it DOES use system users, just like any other mail application in the
> world uses system users on a server, so long as you've given them mail
> ability. But it does NOT do any advanced functions like change your
> password, etc. It's just a remote application that everyone uses, the values
> you supply are simple mail values -- unless I'm confused by your statement,
> I think you're just over thinking it:) It's not married to the system in any
> way except the values you tell your server it's allowed to submit to that
> application for mail enabled users.
> got it running already, but not according to the documentation i've read,
e.g. when logging in the roundcube gui, user + password will log you in but
when i append the domain to the username e.g. user at , it always
says login failed, is this normal, i mean logging in without the domain
part? although i have not make the box public, i was able to send mails to
the outside meaning postfix is working, right?
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