integrating roundcube with amavisd-new clamav and dspam

Brady J.Frey brady at
Fri Jun 16 17:18:42 CEST 2006

On Fri, 16 Jun 2006 17:16:53 +0800, "jan gestre" < at> wrote:
> i've finally got my roundcube working, sending and receiving mails from the
> internet, prior to installing roundcube, postfix has tls and sasl
> authentication and was integrated with dspam and clamav using amavisd-new,
> however when roundcube was installed as the webmail client, i can no
> longer
> see from the maillogs the mails being scanned before being sent and before
> accepting for delivery. is this normal? or roundcube totally bypass them?

I'd only add that you may have your settings so that anything originating from that DNS or domain is not scanned, which is done on the server level. I've not used dspam, but in spam assassin I can:
whitelist_from *


whitelist_from_rcvd *

The first one would whitelist anything that is sent from '' regardless of it's DNS would clear without being spam checked. The second one is more harsh (you would not use these together, one or the other), it says 'clear anything from so long as the reverse DNS matches'

So if you had a setup that did this, you would bypass spam assassin -- probably not something you have, but you never know, it had me stumped one time before:)

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