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Sat Jun 24 02:16:42 CEST 2006

Well, it was not possible in the beta release but in the latest release from
the SVN repository, this functionality is built into the config file.

On 6/24/06, Andrei Dumitriu <andy at digitalnerds.net> wrote:
>  Hi folks
> First of all i'd like to say RC is the ebst webmail i've worked with til
> now. So, switching to it i needed to let my users the freedom of logging in
> only with the first part of their e-mail addy. It's not possible by default.
> Anyway after searching everywhere possible (less forums since they are not
> working at this moment) i got to look into the code myself. Therefore i
> decided to make use of a main.inc.php variable *$rcmail_config['mail_domain'].
> *So i changed index.php like this:
> [Line 148]
> Make this line:*  else if (isset($_POST['_user']) &&
> isset($_POST['_pass']) && rcmail_login($_POST['_user'], $_POST['_pass'],
> $host))*
> to look like: *  else if (isset($_POST['_user']) && isset($_POST['_pass'])
> && rcmail_login($_POST['_user'].'@'.$CONFIG['mail_domain'],
> $_POST['_pass'], $host))*
> **
> I hope it helps
> Andy
> *
> *
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