virtuser section in config file

David Ellenwood me at
Thu May 11 20:42:04 CEST 2006

My host (Dreamhost) uses aliases to tie mailbox usernames to the actual
email address, usually something like: mailbox m123456 = user at
When using the standard Squirrel Mail installation at Dreamhost, I can login
with my email address alias (user at and password instead of using
my mailbox username (m123456).

With RoundCube I cannot.  I must use the mailbox username (m123456) instead
of the alias.  I'm sure this is because I am logging into the IMAP server
directly through the mail host:ports (like I would in Outlook, for example)
verses using the host controlled Squirrel Mail utility.

There are two variables in the config file that I think I may
help in this situation.  The variables are: 'virtuser_file' and
'virtuser_query'.  However, I'm not entirely sure of the usage of those
variables and I cannot seem to find any documentation for them either.

Basically, are the two variables named above an option to get around this
issue?  If so, how would I go about implementing them in my RoundCube

Thank you,


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