Problem moving mails and more (CVS)

Nipun Jain jain.nipun at
Thu May 18 04:15:44 CEST 2006

I installed the CVS of 5th May a couple of days back. Like the rest, I faced
the problem of no mail showing when switching folders. Hence I applied the
patches by Brian (thanks!) and it got working. But now I have noticed a few
more bugs. Those are:

1. When I create a new user account in my mail server and log in to the CVS
of 5ht may, I only see the inbox folder, the Sent and the Trash folders are
not there. This doesnt happen in the 0.1 beta which shows all the three
folders on the first login of a new account.

2. Another problem is with moving the mails. In the CVS, I am unable to move
mails from one folder to another. I mean when I drag drop to another folder,
the message disappears from that folder, but when I switch to the folder
where I moved the mail, it's not there. And reverting back to the original
folder shows that the mail is still there. The beta has no such problem with
moving mails between the folders.

Anyone else facing these problems and / or guide me to the solution?
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