Customizing Login: Tips?

jh at jh at
Thu May 18 05:12:28 CEST 2006

I have to start by saying, while I've only been looking at the code for a day (0.1 beta), RoundCube appears really well-written. That puts it in about the top 5% of the hundreds of PHP-based programs I've worked with (and had to heavily modify).

I'm hoping for some tips on creating a custom login so that my users only need to login once for the website and RoundCube rather than twice. I know RoundCube is beta, but it's better than v.1010 of a few programs I know.

I'd like to avoid as much as possible setting up a login that has to be re-written too often due to updates in RoundCube code. I know it'll happen, but any tips would be appreciated.

>From looking at the code, it seems relatively simple, but I've been bitten more than once with that assumption. 

Thank you,

Jeff Hill

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