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Roberto Rodriguez Alcala rra at laofi.net
Sat May 20 22:07:16 CEST 2006

Hi everyone, i'm new in roundcube webmail, and i'm having problems with the mail list, when I make a remote request of a folder's content, the list goes blank, but when sniffing the response I see javascript beeing returned to the client like:

this.set_env('messagecount', 1);\nthis.set_env('pagecount', 1);\nthis.set_rowcount('Mensajes desde 1 a 1 de 1');\nthis.set_unread_count('INBOX', 0);\nthis.add_message_row(239, {subject:'Confirm subscription to RoundCube Users',from:'<a href=\\u0022mailto:administrators at lists.roundcube.net\\u0022 onclick=\\u0022return rcmail.command(\\'compose\\',\\'administrators at lists.roundcube.net\\',this)\\u0022 class=\\u0022rcmContactAddress\\u0022 title=\\u0022administrators at lists.roundcube.net\\u0022>RoundCube Users</a>',date:'Hoy 00:58',size:'1 KB'}, {deleted:0,unread:0,replied:1}, 0, 0);\n

I've tested this with Mozilla 1.7.12, IE 7 Beta
Apace 1.3.31, PHP 5.1.2 and mysql 5

When I refresh the page the list is generated and shows the folder's content.

Any Ideas?

PS: Sorry for my english

Roberto Rodriguez Alcala

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