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Fri May 5 17:39:18 CEST 2006

Breno Jacinto Duarte da Costa wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I'd like to know if there's any perspective for the next release 
> of RC. Since I'm choosing it to be used in the company I'm consulting 
> for,  I've installed it in paralell to SquirrelMail and Iloha. We've 
> been testing the three of them, RC being the most immature (although 
> performing well, but with many usability issues).
> cheers,
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>   .''`.  -- Breno Jacinto
> : :´` : -- breno /at/ freeunix dot com dot br
> : ' ' :  --  88AE 3F43 7110 57F6 A206  
> `. `'`   -- D116 02CA 02F4 803D 4294  
>   `--   -- Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal OS
Not much of a perspective to give.  There have been many CVS commits 
with functionality, but the anonymous CVS has been down since march 
27-ish.  So it's a bit tough to give an estimate of what's been doing 
better and what's been fixed.  So no real guestimate can be given as to 
when a new beta or even a final release yet.  You'll just have to wait 
patiently and see...

Sorry the news couldn't be better...


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