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Charlie Hazlett charlie at
Mon May 15 15:18:01 CEST 2006

RE: Blank Page Problem
 I had the exact problem and my database info in the config files was wrong, check it out.....


NOw my problem is the thing keeps reverting back to the login page almost every time I click something.  I have to login time after time.  This time I got so tired of it that I got into my OTHER webmail to send this......


I like RC a lot, the looks are terrific and for something not even in beta yet it is astounding.....but it is driving me nuts !





Charlie Hazlett
Columbus, Ohio, USA 
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I was trying to install RoundCube and went through the install 
guide. Everything seems to of gone ok. I get the login screen, but 
after logging in I get a blank page. It does create the records for 
the user in the database (pgsql), but the page is just blank no 
matter what I do, nothing in the source. There are also no files in 
the logs directory (its chmod'd to 777).

Any Ideas?

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