Blank Page Problem

Joe Bellus confluentlight at
Mon May 15 17:45:04 CEST 2006

The connection info has to be alright, because it generates db  
records when I log in (and get the blank page)
On May 15, 2006, at 8:18 AM, Charlie Hazlett wrote:

>  I had the exact problem and my database info in the config files  
> was wrong, check it out.....
> NOw my problem is the thing keeps reverting back to the login page  
> almost every time I click something.  I have to login time after  
> time.  This time I got so tired of it that I got into my OTHER  
> webmail to send this......
> I like RC a lot, the looks are terrific and for something not even  
> in beta yet it is astounding.....but it is driving me nuts !
> Charlie Hazlett
> Columbus, Ohio, USA
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> Subject: Blank Page Problem
> Hello,
> I was trying to install RoundCube and went through the install
> guide. Everything seems to of gone ok. I get the login screen, but
> after logging in I get a blank page. It does create the records for
> the user in the database (pgsql), but the page is just blank no
> matter what I do, nothing in the source. There are also no files in
> the logs directory (its chmod'd to 777).
> Any Ideas?

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