Problem moving mails and more (CVS)

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Thu May 18 05:19:04 CEST 2006

Nipun Jain wrote:
> I installed the CVS of 5th May a couple of days back. Like the rest, I 
> faced the problem of no mail showing when switching folders. Hence I 
> applied the patches by Brian (thanks!) and it got working. But now I 
> have noticed a few more bugs. Those are:
> 1. When I create a new user account in my mail server and log in to 
> the CVS of 5ht may, I only see the inbox folder, the Sent and the 
> Trash folders are not there. This doesnt happen in the 0.1 beta which 
> shows all the three folders on the first login of a new account.
> 2. Another problem is with moving the mails. In the CVS, I am unable 
> to move mails from one folder to another. I mean when I drag drop to 
> another folder, the message disappears from that folder, but when I 
> switch to the folder where I moved the mail, it's not there. And 
> reverting back to the original folder shows that the mail is still 
> there. The beta has no such problem with moving mails between the 
> folders.
> Anyone else facing these problems and / or guide me to the solution?
1.) Try making sure the user is subscribed to those folders in the user 
preferences area.

2.) It's a known problem, search the forums for possible solutions.  I'm 
pretty sure it's been mentioned there.

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