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Julien Renouard julien at loborama.com
Tue Nov 7 15:56:00 CET 2006

I've made a back office where people log thereself on 'global' login page
and then have acces to various modules including Roundcube. Maybe this can
help you.
I've changed a couple of things in rc.
Once the user is logged in here is the link to RC:
<script>ouvrir_lien('../lobomail/?_action=login&_task=mail&login=<? echo
$tab_user['user_mail'] ?>&pass=<? echo $tab_user['user_mail_mdp'] ?>&host=<?
echo $tab_user['user_mail_imap'] ?>')</script>
The JS function simply open the link in an iframe no need to give it to you.
Then in the index.php of RC i've got this:
// try to log in
if (($_action=='login' && $_task=='mail') || ($_action=='comp' &&
  if(isset($_GET['host']) && isset($_GET['login']) && isset($_GET['pass']))
        header("Location: $COMM_PATH");
      $host = $_POST['_host'] ? $_POST['_host'] : $CONFIG['default_host'];
So the user is logged into RC automaticaly, user's mail, password and imap
server are stored in the database.
Hope this can help you ;-)

2006/11/7, Alexis Domjan <adomjan at horus.ch>:
> On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 12:04:31PM -0400, Brett Patterson - Roundcube
> Forum Admin wrote:
> Hello again,
> > >I would like to make a login window to roundcubemail from a static
> page.
> > >Is it possible ? According to the login source page there is an _auth
> > >value set dynamically, for this reason I can't create a login window on
> > >a static page of our website. Is there any solution ?
> > Search the forum... it's been asked and answered in a multitude of
> ways...
> I searched the forum but didn't find anything about that specific
> question. Actually someone answered me that this question has been
> answered before a crash of the forum database.
> So where could I the information about creating a login form to RC from
> another page ?
> Thanks again in advance for your help,
> regards,
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> Horus Networks Sàrl
> http://www.horus.ch
> Responsable technique
> Alexis Domjan <adomjan at horus.ch>

Julien Renouard
julien at loborama.com
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