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Tue Nov 7 17:39:15 CET 2006

This is the way it already works. When you send a mail via RoundCube, its
get stored in your Sent folder, and if you access your mail via a desktop
client (thunderbird and the likes), the mails sent via RoundCube do show up
in the outbox folder of the (desktop) mail client.

If this is not the way how RoundCube works for you then there might be some
configurational problem with your RoundCube webmail. One of the
possibilities is that you are using PHP Mail function to send the mail
instead of the SMTP server. Another (and more probable) possibility is that
your mail server recognises your Sent Folder by the name Outbox. In RC
config folder, the Sent folder is defined as Sent. So there is a
configuration mismatch between RoundCube and your Mail Server. Hence
RoundCube creates the Sent folder and saves the mails in that folder. But
your desktop mail client recognises Outbox as your Sent folder and fetches
mails from that. Since the mails sent via RC are stored in the Sent folder,
which is not subscribed, it does not show in the Outbox folder of your mail

I hope this clears it up for you. By changing the default Sent folder in RC
config file, you might get it to work the way its supposed to. If you are
not able to correct the problem this way, it might help if you are able to
provide us with details of your mail server and RC implementation.

Nipun Jain.

On 11/7/06, Luciano M. Guasco <lmg at> wrote:
> Hi Buddies: I have this problem. When some user send emails from the
> webmail, the send mail is stored in the webmail. But not in the send of
> the client mail that the user uses for download mail via pop or imap.
> This is not a problem, it's understandable by how work pop, imap and the
> webmail. But I need to have consistence between the mails sent via the
> webmail and the  mail client. First of all I think in a php script, in
> the webmail page, to send the sender the email he has sent. How you got
> another solution?
> thanks, Luciano.
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