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Craig Webster craig at
Tue Nov 7 18:19:18 CET 2006

Luciano M. Guasco wrote:
> OK Eden and Nipun: The problem is not the configuration! I know very
> good how the smtp, and pop are working! the problem is to try to
> maintain consistence in the sent mails from the roundcube and the client
> (Thunderbird, Eudora, etc).
> :D but I believe I'm going to write a php script to send the sent mails
> from roundcube to the users that want to maintain the consistence, and
> then apply a filter in the mail client, to redirect the new mail to sent
> folder :D
> Thanks to all! I will work hard in the Spanish location problem I have.
> May be the character encoding of the mysql databases.

A similar feature is found in many mail clients - it usually just BCC's 
the sender address (and doesn't worry about what happens after that). 
Perhaps you could make this a user-option in RoundCube if it isn't 
already there?

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